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Every day is a little bit different,
but this is what you can expect from an average day.

3:45 3:45PM

Most teachers start work at 4 pm, however everyone arrives at least 15 minutes early.
That way you can get ready for your classes and help set up the classroom. This way, when they bell rings you are ready to go.
In general expect everyone to arrive early in Japan, just on time is the same as being late.

3:45 3:55PM

The last 5 minutes before classes begin are used for a quick informal meeting.
We use this time to discuss the days schedule and pass on any information you may need.

3:45 4:00PM

The first 3 hours of the day are reserved for kid’s classes.
Usually as the day progresses, the level and age of the kids increases.

3:45 7:00PM

These last 3 hours of the day are primarily for adult students.
With 7:00-7:45 reserved for demo lessons for new students.
Also expect the classroom to pick up in activity as students filter in for the Juku.

3:45 10:00PM

Most school days end at 10:00pm.
Don’t be in a hurry to run home though.
This is a great time to get to know your fellow co-workers.
Most of the Japanese staff have an active interest in learning English and are always happy to get a chance to use it.