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Application Requirements

English Garden hires teachers from all over the English speaking world. We recognize that while the language remains the same, accents and intonation change across borders. By having teachers from different places, students can learn not only accents and dialects from various regions around the world, but also about different cultures.


Experience is not required to work at English Garden, however it is an asset. You must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university and a native command of the English language. Teaching certificates like TEFL or TESOL are an asset, but aren’t required.

Is English Garden right for you?

Living in a foreign country and teaching English is not for everyone. While it is a life changing experience, it might not be for you. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store to buy food is complicated by the difference in language and availability. If you can cope with the changes you can have a lot of fun. The same goes for working with English Garden. We require a lot of flexibility from our teachers. You have to be flexible and able to cope with a wide range of difficulties. A desire to teach English is also a must. Finally are you up to the task of living away from home for a whole year? Once signed, the contract is not something that is easily broken. So take the time to prepare yourself before applying to work at English Garden.