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Student’s Expectations

English isn’t the only thing that is exchanged during lessons.
With a wide variety of teachers and students from all walks of life, don’t be surprised if you learn something interesting every week!

Cultural Exchange

While teaching students you will have many opportunities to learn about Japanese culture.
Students love to talk about their own country, and it’s a great way to get students who are shy or nervous to open up.
Likewise, students are also fascinated by your experiences in Japan.
Your co-workers will also be a non-stop source of information about cultures from around the world.
You’ll be working with Japanese teachers the whole time you’re here.
This continuous cultural exchange is great one of the best parts of teaching at English Garden.
By the end of your contract, you will be amazed at how much you have learned about Japan and the rest of the world from your students.

Teacher Student Bonds

After training is finished, we will place you in a branch where you will see the same students
every week.
This allows a deep bond to form between you and your students.
These bonds are strengthened by our yearly events.
For example every summer we go camping with our students! Not only will their English improve, but expect your relationship to improve too.