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Education you can enjoy

A healthy mix of education and entertainment is the driving force behind our teaching methods at English Garden.
We strive to ensure that all of our students feel relaxed in the classroom and have fun learning English.

Energetic Atmosphere

Both kids and adults love to learn in a positive and energetic environment.
At English Garden we provide this through activities that challenge our students in a fun way.
Most of our lessons start with the teacher introducing the grammar and its correct usage.
Then we open it up for our students to practice English in pairs or groups.
We Start with basic sentences, and building up to more complex conversations.
This method quickly improves our student’s speaking abilities by giving the students ample talk time.

Teacher Talk Time (TTT)

Our teaching method is based on a student’s active participation during the lesson.
To ensure that all students have enough opportunities to talk, we always keep an eye on the amount of time a teacher spends talking.
While some of the students might be shy and quiet, we make sure to invite them and encourage them to talk as much as possible.