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Your Experience with English Garden

Your Experience with English Garden
Were you teacher or a student? After a year with English Garden, you won’t be so sure.
While you will be employed at a teacher, you will learn so many things about Japanese culture while learning the language that the line will have blurred.

Experience of a lifetime

Experience of a lifetime
While traveling within your own country or through neighboring countries is common, how many people do you know that have travelled half way around the world to live in a foreign country?
It’s an experience you will never forget. When you return home, you will find a lot of things have changed. After experiencing a culture that is so unique, you will view the world around you from a different perspective.

New Skills

Once you have finished your time with English Garden you will be an experienced well rounded teacher. You will have the confidence and skills to be a leader in the classroom.
You will also have invaluable experience with young children.
Plus, with TEFL Certification easily in your grasp, you will be ready to embark on your own teaching career if you desire. Should you choose to change to a different industry, you will also have a step up on your competition.
Having to communicate with numerous people from a foreign culture will teach you the people skills required to excel in industries that rely on communication across people from a broad variety of backgrounds.