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At English Garden all staff sign a 1 year contract. While the stipulations and salary will depend on experience, in general you can expect the following.

All contracts are for 1 year. Renewal and extensions will be decided on a mutual basis.


We offer both part-time and full-time positions. The hours will be agreed upon and clearly defined in the contract before signing.


All teachers are required to ensure that they possess a valid working visa for the duration of their contract.

Social Insurance

Full-time teachers on a working holiday visa have the option of enrolling in the Japanese Social Insurance System. Or they can provide their own travelers insurance. Teachers on spousal, dependant or work visa may not have this option. Please check with the ministry of immigration for details.
Those who are enrolled in the program will have the monthly fee deducted from their monthly salary automatically. 


All teachers are required to provide and maintain their own accommodation.

Yearly Events

All teachers must attend all yearly events. These events include our overnight summer camp. Wages for camps and events vary with the length of the event and are paid in addition to your monthly salary


All teachers must pay for their own ticket to and from Japan.


Marketing staff and managers will receive a bonus for reaching monthly sign up goals. This bonus depends on the number of sign ups.