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Understanding your future students

Back home you invariably took a mandatory language course during Elementary, Junior High or High school.
Japan is no different. Taught almost exclusively in Japanese, the 6-12 years of compulsory English courses are almost identical to the ones you’ve experienced back home.
Featuring endless verb conjugation, translation and reading/writing these courses only serve to teach students just enough to pass university entrance exams.
With Japanese children under increasing pressure to pass entrance exams, these courses feature very little listening activities, and even less opportunities to speak English.

Private Conversation Schools

Get off at any train station in any Japan city, and you will find a private English language school.
Aiming to fill the void left by the public education system, these schools teach listening and speaking.
In theory it’s a perfect system, grammar / reading at public school, and listening / speaking at a private school.
In reality, it doesn’t work.
Without a set curriculum most schools simply teach whatever grammar the teacher feels like.
With no long term plan, the lessons are disjointed and only serve to confuse the students.
The end result is students who can speak broken English, or speak with pronunciation that is inappropriate for their age.

Enter English Garden

At English Garden we aim to teach students to speak English in a natural way.
To avoid the pitfalls of either system, we use the strong point, weak point method.
Using various techniques, we identify what every student excels at, and what they struggle with.
This allows us to adapt to our students needs.
With an extensive curriculum in place, we can match students to their ideal class to create learning environments that foster faster learning.